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Maximilian Gosling is an Sydney based printmaker and illustrator. Through narrative based imagery his works attempt to unravel systems and human behaviours. With use of absurdity and surrealist elements, Max is able to create his own personalised view of our world's mechanics and its workings.

Max has been working for the past 5 years on a fictional narrative, the Madràyiss series. The series is based 3000 years in our future, in a fictional metropolis ruled by badgers named Madràyiss. The badger built metropolis is responsible for the manufacture all humanistic thought up until the 21st century of modern man. It has also been ruled over by an Onion for 100 years, pushing the badger population into a miserable dark age.

Max graduated from COFA with a Masters in printmaking and spent 2013 co-running an art gallery in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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